Gentle Swastika
Reclaiming The Innocence

By ManWoman, Published by Flyfoot Press

Using over 400 rare and unique photos and illustrations, visionary Pop artist ManWoman shows you the playful ways the Swastika was used before World War Two especially in America where it was the homegrown lucky sign of Native people. An eye-opening investigation into the hidden sacred history of the swastika and the enormous heritage we have lost because of swastikaphobia.

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Gentle Swastika

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Gentle Swastika investigates swastika rituals of the pagan world and swastika history. It shows you swastikas in ancient synagogues and Christian catacombs. It shows you how the swastika transforms from the ancient symbol of the Goddess and the tribal migrations of native Indians, into Victorian good luck sign, the occult magical symbol, and the peaceful mystical blessing of Hindus and Buddhists. It shows you contemporary uses of the swastika as the emblem of punk rock defiance and youth culture. Gentle Swastika illustrates many variations of swastika; the meander, the triskelion, the tetraskelion, the fylfot, the gammadion, and the hakenkreuz.

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